Dry house Professional is a concentrate of the silicic acid ethyl ester with a concentration of > 50%. It is a silicification concentrate based on a hydrophobic silicon combination diluted in water. Active substances under the influence of gravity penetrate deeply into the base and react with available binding agents creating compounds insoluble in water. The porous wall structure is closed and hydrophobized. In addition to the water-proof blockage created horizontally, the strength of concrete and walls is increased and additional protection against corrosion is created.

The product penetrates the absorbent capillaries and turns into crystals, which block the movement of moisture in the walls. The product can be used for all kinds of walls: brick, concrete, concrete-limestone, silicate etc.


- High degree of penetration of pores

- Total blockage of capillary suction

- Very good ability to penetrate among various layers of walls

- Very high quality/price ratio

- It does not change mechanical properties of the wall

- Easy in application and use

Dry House Professional dessicant agent 5L

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