Dry House has been developed on the basis of the silicic acid ethyl ester. After application, the internal capillary structure of building materials absorbs the product and transports it deeper. With the help of a neutral catalyst, the silicic acid ethyl ester reacts with the atmospheric humidity, i.e. with the water absorbed by capillary walls. It is in this way that the silicic acid gel (SiO2aq) is created, which is a substance similar to glass, and a by-product (ethanol), which is oxidized. The greater part of the silicic acid ethyl ester turns into the silicic acid gel after two weeks under normal climatic conditions (20°C, 50% atmospheric humidity), which means that the final hardness of the material is achieved at the moment.

The product penetrates the absorbent capillaries and turns into crystals, which block the movement of moisture in the walls. The product can be used for all kinds of walls: brick, concrete, concrete-limestone, silicate etc.


- High degree of penetration of pores

- Total blockage of capillary suction

- Very good ability to penetrate among various layers of walls

- Very high quality/price ratio

- It does not change mechanical properties of the wall

- Easy in application and use

Dry House dessicant agent 5L

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