Maintaining a healthy, green garden or lawn depends on water. Some fertilizers improve soil quality, thereby reducing the necessary number waterings.

The SAP hydrogel allows the roots of plants to store the water amount, which is 400 times higher than their weight releasing 95% of the water back into the root system.

It does not matter if your income depends on crop quality or you are an amateur gardener, the SAP hydrogel is a new higher fertilization level.

Water costs are continually rising; you do not have to have a dead lawn, just because you are not able to water it too often.

With the SAP hydrogel, the lawn stops much more water and remains green much longer, and your garden becomes more eco-friendly. You can watered less frequently and more effectively.

The SAP hydrogel is not only less water consumption. It also contributes to healthy root development and faster seed germination through keeping nutrients in the roots longer.

It is ideal for transplanting trees and shrubs as well as annual plants.

The soil conditioner can be easily mixed with water and requires no special tools.


Professional applications:

- Control of soil moisture

- Conditioner for plants before sowing

- "Mini-tank" that helps maintain proper retention

- Forestry

- Improving soil structure

- Increased yields and incomes


Domestic Applications:

- Improvement of soil condition before planting

- Maintaining a lawn

HydroGel - soil conditioner based on potassium 1kg

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